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Welker Honors Perez for Work With OLA

At the April 9 meeting of the Suffolk County Legislature, all 18 legislators celebrated their respective nominees honoring Champions of Diversity Month in Suffolk County.

Among them was Minerva Perez, executive director of the Organización Latino Americana of Eastern Long Island, who was nominated by County Legislator Ann Welker.

Perez was chosen for her work and efforts on behalf of the Latino community on the East End of Long Island. OLA is a nonprofit organization that advocates for just and inclusive policies.

Welker noted during the meeting that Perez “centers her work on the protection, empowerment and celebration of our Latino community through OLA’s mission to create a safer, healthier and more equitable East End region for all.”

Welker added, “Minerva has positively affected the East End and tackled a vast quantity of issues that affect the Latino community, including initiatives related to adolescent mental health, immigration pro bono services, health equity and access, and many more issues.”

She said Perez “relentlessly works toward the protection, empowerment and celebration of our Latino community.”

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