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  • What are the costs of OLA services?
    There is no cost for OLA services. However, if we refer you to an attorney or other service provider, that person may charge a fee.
  • Do I have to be documented to receive services?
    OLA is here for you and your family members, regardless of your immigration status. We serve documented and undocumented immigrants, and any information you share with us is kept strictly confidential.
  • How will my donations to OLA be used?
    Your donations to OLA are what enable us to carry out our work. By donating, you support our work in and for our community, allowing our staff members to carry out our advocacy, educational programs, and work for positive social change, in addition to helping us meet general operating costs. We greatly appreciate unrestricted donations so that we can use that support where it is most needed, since grants we receive from foundations are typically restricted to particular programs. If, however, you would like to support a specific aspect of our work, please let us know!
  • How can I help OLA?
    We love working with volunteers, high school and college student interns, and community activists. We rely on community members like you to help us take people to and from medical appointments, deliver food to homebound community members, help out at OLA events and in our office, engage in outreach, organize data gathered from Freedom of Information Law requests, and much more. Please be in touch with us if you’re interested in being a volunteer or an intern!

We Want To Hear From You.
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