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Advocacy and Legal Services

OLA Advocates 
for Your Rights

We help you to understand your rights and confront and handle workplace exploitation, domestic violence, sexual assault, unlawful eviction threats, immigration matters, and discrimination in the schools. 

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Workplace Exploitation

If you have experienced wage theft, sexual harassment, discrimination, or other abuse or exploitation in the workplace, OLA will advocate on your behalf.

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OLA partners with trusted immigration attorneys and nonprofit organizations to connect you to the legal services you need.


We have organized clinics focusing on deportation defense and immigration relief for youth.


Institutional partners include Empire Justice Center, The Door, Hofstra Law School, and Nassau Suffolk Law Services. 

OLA’s Immigration Legal Services initiative has just been launched.

Click below for immigration inquiries.



As a tenant, you have rights! Unlawful evictions, threats, and other kinds of exploitation of tenants are all too common on the East End.


OLA will help you to understand your rights as a tenant so that you can confront your landlord from a place of strength and knowledge.


If you were not able to pay rent due to decreased income during the pandemic, OLA will help you apply for the New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP).

Kids for Peace

School Access

If you encounter barriers related to enrolling your child in school, receiving special needs services for your child, or communicating with school personnel, OLA will help you navigate this process to ensure that your child’s right to an education is respected.

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Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

We know that reporting sexual assault or domestic violence to the police takes courage, especially if you are an immigrant or an immigrant parent of a child who has been assaulted.


OLA helps victims of these crimes understand and navigate processes that are often confusing, connects you to domestic violence agencies and shelters, and will accompany you to meetings with police and other officials as you pursue your case.

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