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The strength, determination, and resilience of the Latino and immigrant community members we work with inspire us every day.


They are the lifeblood of our work.


"I feel very grateful to OLA because they supported me in a situation that probably would not have been resolved without their help. Like millions of others in this country, we do honest work day after day with the purpose of realizing our dreams and those of our families. But because we’re undocumented, some people who don’t find themselves in this situation take advantage of us, utilizing our services, whatever those may be, but in the end they only pay us for part of the work or, in the worst cases, they don’t pay us anything at all. Fortunately, OLA is there to help us, to make sure that our rights are also respected and that we are treated equally in this society. Many thanks to the entire team at OLA.”

Yonny, who received the $1,000 he was owed from an employer after OLA’s intervention


“Thank you, team OLA, for the support, professionalism, and advice you provided me during a very difficult time, when my landlord was threatening me with eviction. Thanks to Minerva, Jack, and Erika, we learned about our rights and received the best possible outcome. If it weren’t for your care and knowledge, my family and I would have been in a different situation. We appreciate the hard work you do in our community, and we will always be grateful.”




“I want to thank OLA for all the help and support they have given me. They are very special people and, above all, dedicated to doing what they love to do—helping people with their situations and being our representatives and our voice in defending our rights. I am grateful for people like you. Keep it up because the people need you. Thank you for everything.”

Carlos, who will now receive the $5,000 he is owed from an employer, thanks to OLA’s intervention


“Some time ago I wanted to get my driver’s license but had a lot of doubts and fears. I called OLA, and Erika patiently responded to all my questions, cleared up my doubts, and helped me fill out the application. She even downloaded an app for me so I could study for the written test. OLA really helps the community with love and patience, and they don’t charge anything.”



“Alma helps me so much and is very sweet and patient. She takes me to my appointments and speaks with my doctors. She has brought me food, made sure I had the medical equipment I needed, and went with me to my surgery.”



“My deepest thanks to OLA for helping me with food and back rent and to Wally for her help and guidance in making this possible. May God bless you and may you keep being able to help everyone. We really need you.”



“My daughter and I are two of the people who, thanks to your donations, OLA has been able to transport to and from medical appointments so that my daughter can receive her treatments. Thank you for your generosity, and may God bless you.”

Edelmira, mother of Marifer, a teen with cerebral palsy who relies on OLA’s medical transportation service to get to her appointments

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