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Youth Programs

At OLA we know that the key to creating social change that includes young people is to ensure they are their own agents of change.


They must be the actors and leaders, not the spectators and followers.


OLA provides periodic in-school and after-school empowerment workshops, holds youth dinners facilitated by college-aged Latinx students, and organizes educational forums related to the college application process.


OLA also houses a scholarship fund for students planning to further their education after high school.

Image by Jon Tyson

Learn English or Spanish

Spanish and English are the two main languages spoken on the East End.


OLA’s Conversation Café programs are online and/or in-person mini-courses (usually six sessions long and offered in the fall) designed to help us all communicate better with each other and enrich our daily lives with the freedom and opportunities that speaking another language brings.


Arts Workshops

Providing high-quality arts workshops in Spanish and English is vital to helping to ensure that Latinx community members have access to professional artists and art spaces and opportunities to explore the arts.


OLA regularly offers unique and inspiring visual arts, theater, and movement workshops for children, youth, and adults in partnership with local East End arts institutions and professional artists.


OLA’s Media Lab teaches Latinx youth filmmaking skills.

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