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Creating A More Equitable East End 
For Latino Immigrants


OLA (Organización Latino Americana) serves immigrant and US-born Latinos working and/or living in the villages and hamlets of the Towns of East Hampton, Southampton, Riverhead, Southold, and Shelter Island.

Latino kids holding a sign that says "I was born to never give up"

of East End Residents Are Latino


Nearly 37,000 Latinos, or 23% of our local population, call the East End home.

of East End Students are Latino


45% of students in East End schools are Latino.

of East End Immigrants Are Latino


58% of immigrants who live on the East
End are Latino, and 55% of Latinos who live on the East End are immigrants.

Ways We Can Help

OLA exists to serve you.

Here are some of the ways we can help.

Advocacy and Legal Services

OLA’s policy, legal, and general advocacy includes fighting for local and state legislation that benefits immigrants, connecting people to trusted attorneys for a range of legal matters, and advocating on behalf of individual victims and for systemic change with East End police departments and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office.

Educational Programs

OLA regularly offers mini-courses in English and Spanish, arts workshops, and youth empowerment gatherings. 

Crisis Services

Whenever possible, OLA helps people who are experiencing financial hardship with their most basic expenses such as food, shelter, and utilities.

Know Your Rights

OLA helps community members to understand their rights related to interactions with police, ICE, landlords, and other individuals or institutions they may need to confront.

Health Services

OLA works on several fronts to ensure that people have access to health care and mental health care. 

Changing Lives, Changing Communities.

Through advocating for just and inclusive policies, creating healthier communities, addressing the immediate needs of community members, and building bridges through arts and culture, OLA works to create a more equitable, safe, and vibrant East End for all.

We work directly with community members to ensure their legal, health, educational, and other needs are met. We work directly with local governments, police, and schools to increase awareness and sensitivity to help ensure that these institutions respond effectively and appropriately to the needs of Latino community members.


We Help Immigrant and US-Born Latinos on Long Island’s East End

We Keep Your Information Confidential

We Serve Community Members Regardless of Immigration Status

Our Latino-led Team Speaks Spanish and English

Our Services Are Free Of Charge

If You Can’t Get to Us, We’ll Come to You


The strength, determination, and resilience of the Latino and immigrant community members we work with inspire us every day.

They are the lifeblood of our work.

5 golden stars review icon

"I feel very grateful to OLA because they supported me in a situation that probably would not have been resolved without their help. Like millions of others in this country, we do honest work day after day with the purpose of realizing our dreams and those of our families. But because we’re undocumented....

Keep Reading

Yonny, who received the $1,000 he was owed from an employer after OLA’s intervention

Five golden stars review icon

“My daughter and I are two of the people who, thanks to your donations, OLA has been able to transport to and from medical appointments so that my daughter can receive her treatments. Thank you for your generosity, and may God bless you.”

Edelmira, mother of Marifer, a teen with cerebral palsy who relies on OLA’s medical transportation service to get to her appointments

Five golden stars review icon

“I want to thank OLA for all the help and support they have given me. They are very special people and, above all, dedicated to doing what they love to do—helping people with their situations and being our representatives and our voice in defending our rights. I am grateful for people like you. Keep it up because the people need you. Thank you for everything.”

Carlos, who will now receive the $5,000 he is owed from an employer, thanks to OLA’s intervention

We Want To Hear From You.
Write Or Call Us. 
It's Confidential.


Ways To Support Our Mission

As a nonprofit organization, OLA relies on support from people like you who envision a more inclusive, welcoming, safe, and equitable East End. Whether you would like to donate, sponsor an event, volunteer, or participate in an action, we are grateful for your solidarity in reaching our shared goal. 

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