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Organización Latino-Americana’s New Hire

Updated: May 1, 2022


Organización Latino-Americana of Eastern Long Island has hired administrative assistant Erika Padilla as the East Hampton-based nonprofit continues to expand.

Originally from Ecuador, Padilla moved to East Hampton in 2004. In addition to running her own company, she has worked at the East Hampton Regal UA East Hampton Cinema, Springs Public School, East Hampton’s Most Holy Trinity Church, and East End for Opportunity Inc., as well as for private East End clients. Padilla is a mother of three sons, and is a strong proponent of higher education and the opportunities it promises. She has already begun to help coordinate a series of training lessons for parents and students focused on opportunities after high school graduation.

Jack Lester, East Hampton resident and tenants’ rights attorney, also now works with OLA as a volunteer to provide his pro bono services, following passage of New York State law strengthening tenants’ rights.

“OLA is fortunate to have been offered the expertise and guidance of attorney Jack Lester to help augment the legal support East End Latino community members need when navigating a harsh and unforgiving rental terrain,” explains Minerva Perez, OLA’s executive director.
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